To purchase call Vianney Vocations at 877-585-1551


For individual schools, the price is $500 per school. For parishes the cost is $150. There is an annual maintenance fee of 15% of the purchase price. If you are a school or parish, please purchase here. We will then email you your access codes.

For dioceses, the cost of Vocation Lessons is based on how many parishes and schools you have. (See chart.) There is an annual maintenance fee of 15% of the purchase price. If you are a diocese, to purchase please call 877-585-1551.

When you purchase a license, we’ll create access codes for your teachers and students to login to the web site. Printed materials are available for teachers and catechists explaining the curriculum and how to use it.

Our Take on Cost

Why is Vocation Lessons relatively inexpensive? The primary reason is because our mission is to effectively address the vocation crisis, and so we want as many students as possible to seriously consider every vocation in the Church.

We understand that not every teacher and catechist will immediately use the curriculum; thus the pricing is so low that the diocese can purchase it for them anyway, knowing that you will be inviting them to use it for years to come. In the long term, we think this is a better approach than trying to elicit buy-in from each parish or school individually.